Concept Team is Software Development Team that takes care of both offline and online software application development and has been in IT industry for a long time. It has been spreading its services all over South India over the year and now has a new offshore development team in Texas. We are specialized in providing solutions for critical problems for our clients who work on Intranet rather than on Internet.

  Concept Team help brands by creating and developing compelling and strategic solutions that increase the functionality of the system. We reach and connect the world's Young and Innovative Entrepreneur's for Better Innovation and Technology. We Support and Provide Business Opportunities by Outsourcing Projects to Young Entrepreneur's.

  We work to build and maintain long term relations with clients and set a dedicated member to support and guide them as a process of deployment. We are also connected with major companies as a Strategic Partner and Technical Team to expand the bounds of our Services.

  We have been doing this for a long time and the knowledge we gather from our years of experience helps us to understand how the mobile channel can help our clients in their challenges. We create a channel between digital and real worlds for our clients.


Introducing Young Talent to the Industry by Connecting 2 worlds, Campus - to - Corporate, by IT Programs and Outsourcing projects to Young Entrepreneurs.


Stand and Deliver the projects with a Unique nature of Work and Delivery Time

Short Term Goals

Digitalizing the Hospital and Education Institutions Data.